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How a shirt should fit

A shirt that fits well will emphasize the good parts of your physique and not draw attention to the negatives.
It should flatter your body without focusing on details of it.

When the shirt is under layers the placket and collar are very important because they are what guides the eye to your face. This effect may be proven by the V-shape created by lapels or a half-zipped jacket or sweater. You want to have a collar that balances your face.

The eye goes up the lapel to your face framed by the collar so the collar is very important for the look you want.

What you want to look for in the fit of a shirt is 6 things.

  1. The collar should be able to fit two fingers slid in when closed
  2. The seam should meet at the corner or your shoulder bone.
  3. Armholes high enough without causes restricted motion.
  4. Sleeves should be neither to tight or billowy and should allow natural motion. They should end where your palms meet your wrist one inch from your writs bone.
  5. Torso should not give more then 3-4 inches of fabric when pulled lightly away from the body.